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Latest COVID-19 Update:

As of May 18, 2020, per Governor Baker:

Guidance on Recommended Procedures and Services :

Examples of Services That Can be Delivered In-Person in Phase 1

Examples below are illustrative only and not comprehensive. Providers should use their clinical judgment in determining which services are appropriate for patients consistent with the criteria.

• Diagnostic procedures for high risk patients that lead to high risk if deferred, e.g., colonoscopy for blood in stool, biopsy for concerning lesions and potential cancers, urgent labs, tests, blood draws.

• Exams for new concerning symptoms requiring physical exam, e.g., breast lump, postmenopausal vaginal bleeding, or individuals at high-risk of chronic diseases, such as poorly controlled diabetes

• Medical procedures that if deferred lead to substantial worsening of disease, e.g., excision of malignant skin lesions, orthopedic procedures for significant functional impairment.

Health care providers should also continue to provide services via telehealth to the greatest extent possible when clinically appropriate, while also recognizing that telehealth may not be feasible or clinically appropriate for all patients. Examples of services that may be clinically appropriate for telehealth include: preventative care; wellness; chronic disease management; consultations; behavioral health treatment; and pre-appointment patient screenings.

Please see Commonwealth’s Reopening website for more information https://www.mass.gov/info-details/reopening-four-phase-approach

Our practice has attested to re-open for Phase 1. This means that only patients with bleeding lesions, infections and malignancies will be seen in the next 3 weeks, or until we hear from Governor Baker.

For all other issues we offer Telemedicine visits.

Please call us at 508-444-6989 to schedule one. Please see Telemedicine / Virtual appointment tab on this website for more information.

Here is our Attestation as of 5/18/2020

Attestation of Compliance Mark each criteria with an “X”
In accordance with DPH Provider Reopening Guidance, the undersigned certifies that:
Public Health and Safety Standards
X The health care provider is in compliance with all Personal Protective Equipment and Other Essential Supplies standards outlined in DPH Provider Reopening Guidance.
X The health care provider is in compliance with all Workforce Safety standards outlined in DPH Provider Reopening Guidance.
X The health care provider is in compliance with all Patient Safety standards outlined in DPH Provider Reopening Guidance.
X The health care provider is in compliance with all Infection Control standards outlined in DPH Provider Reopening Guidance.
X The health care provider maintains and regularly updates written policies or procedures that meet or exceed all of the public health/safety standards outlined in DPH Provider Reopening Guidance.
Services and Procedures Provided
X The health care provider will provide only those in-person procedures and services consistent with the DPH Provider Reopening Guidance that based on the provider’s clinical judgment, constitute: (1) high-priority preventative care, such as pediatric care and chronic disease care for high-risk patients, (2) urgent procedures or services that cannot be delivered remotely and would lead to high risk or significant worsening of the patient’s condition if deferred, and (3) emergency procedures or services.
X The health care provider is making clinical determinations about service provision in a manner consistent with the DPH Provider Reopening Guidance.
Compliance and Reporting
X The health care provider has designated a compliance leader at the highest level of the organization who is responsible for overseeing ongoing compliance with the standards and criteria outlined in DPH Provider Reopening Guidance.
X The health care provider will maintain this attestation and documentation of compliance, including all written policies and protocols that incorporate or exceed the standards outlined in DPH Provider Reopening Guidance for PPE and supplies, workforce safety, patient safety, and infection control, and will make such documents available to DPH upon request at any time.
X The health care provider is making reasonable efforts to recall furloughed direct care workers to the extent possible.
Certification and Attestation of Provider Readiness
X On behalf of the provider indicated above, I certify under the pains and penalties of perjury that the above certifications are true and accurate and the provider will continue to meet the Phase 1 criteria and standards in DPH Provider Reopening Guidance. I understand that should the provider become unable to meet any of the criteria or standards in DPH Provider Reopening Guidance and contained within this form the provider must immediately notify DPH and cease performing Phase 1 services until full compliance is obtained.

Welcome to Mindful Medical Care Falmouth

Dr. Maria Azizian is board-certified general surgeon and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

She has a special interest in skin cancers, and she has been treating them for 19 years.

She is dedicated to the issues of skin cancer prevention and maintaining the beauty and vitality of skin at all ages.

She also enjoys a full scope of emergent General Surgery procedures, from repair of perforated intestines to removal of infected gallbladders. She is proficient in both open and laparoscopic (minimally invasive) techniques.

At her office in East Falmouth Dr. Azizian addresses common dermatological and general surgery diseases, such as, melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers, unsightly skin spots, skin infections, warts, unwanted moles, various abscesses, and many more.

Dr. Azizian and her staff are committed to providing kind, personalized and mindful approach to patient care. At Mindful Medical Care we believe that mindfulness is about actively listening to patients, showing compassion and practicing the art of individually-tailored surgical and dermatological care while adhering to the latest advances in medical technology. We also exercise an integrative approach to our patients as complex and fascinating human beings, rather than only focusing on an isolated medical issue.

At Mindful Medical Care Falmouth, we believe that creating friendly and trusting patient-doctor relationship facilitates successful healing and decreases common anxiety surrounding medical procedures. We work closely with primary care doctors and other specialists by coordinating medical and surgical care and obtaining the best possible individualized treatment plan.

Mindful Medical Care
During an initial appointment we work closely with the patient to form a treatment plan that takes into account both the patient’s wishes/ preferences and the most medically feasible and up-to-date options. Whether it is a medically necessary or a cosmetic procedure, we spend time with our patients to explain the nature of the procedure, and post- procedure course and expectations. If procedure is indicated urgently, such as, for example for infected abscesses, then we do our best to address it on the same day. Our staff works hard on accommodating a follow-up treatment / procedure, if needed, as soon as possible. All dermatological procedures are performed with local anesthesia at Dr. Azizian’s office at the Mindful Medical Care office in East Falmouth.

We work with your primary care providers to obtain necessary paperwork.
If you have any questions, or would like to make an appointment,
Please call us at 508-444-6989


New Patients Are Welcome!

Now Offering Annual Skin Checks

  • I was so happy to finally meet a physician who was so good at listening. Dr. Azizian made me feel very comfortable. The staff was great, as well. I also loved how clean and beautiful the office was.

  • Dr. Azizian is a very caring doctor. She spent a lot of time with me going over the treatment that I needed. She explained everything in an easily understood language. I healed very well, and my scar is barely visible. It is nice to have such caring and skilled doctor.