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Summer Time Skin Care

Here comes the sun

After spending a long period in ice cold weather, wearing heavy jackets, flannels and wool socks, we all crave for summer heat and the great outdoors. Most of us are likely planning a vacation in the summer particularly for beach sides, because that’s what the season is about: relaxing. If not at least we want to spend the time in outdoors enjoying the hot weather, having a good time with the people we love. We all are excited to buy most fashionable summer clothes or bikini suits to forget those heavy winter clothes and enjoy the freedom. However, we can’t simple forget about summer time skin care.

How many people out there really care about proper skin care in the summer? Most people look at the summer as an opportunity to get a tan. There’s something relaxing about laying on the beach instead of in a tanning bed. Sand on your toes can be very satisfying.

Walk into any drug store or Walmart and you’ll be presented with a variety or sun tan lotion options. Low SPF, high SPF, scented, unscented – you get the idea. Some may take a more natural approach and some may not use sun tan lotion at all. We hope to help clarify a few things about your skin and summer time skin care.

The Dangers of UV Rays

A main cause of skin cancer is overexposure of ultraviolet radiation (UV) from the sun or tanning beds. One of the most dangerous types of skin cancer is melanoma, which is preventable through avoiding sunburns and enjoying natural sunlight safely.

There are three types of UV rays – UVA, UVB, and UVC. The later, UVC rays are completely blocked by ozone layer. Some UVB rays make it though the atmosphere, but only reach the top layer of skin. UVA rays are what we’re exposed to the most. They penetrate the skin deeper. Sunburns and overexposure contribute to premature ageing of the skin.

I’ve yet to meet the person who enjoys getting a sunburn. In some instances you can develop blisters, pink or red marks, skin peelings or raw skin. Some research suggests that if you experience a sun burn once in a two year period you have tripled your risk of getting a form skin cancer.


We all love to enjoy the heat of the sun and it has the benefit of giving us Vitamin D naturally. However it is always advisable to enjoy the sun safely in order to avoid the risk of developing cancer. Therefore if we have planned to spend the summer time in outdoors, we all must pay our attention for summer skin care as well.

Usually we get a strong sunlight between 10am to 4pm and it is a good idea to spend this time in the shade; under trees or indoors, which sometime isn’t the most fun. If we’re going to enjoy our precious summer hours outside we need to take of some basics. Cover our body with light clothes, a hat and wear sunglasses. We also highly recommend applying a sunscreen, which at least has SPF15 coverage or above.

Dieting for healthy skin

I know what you’re thinking. Some, including myself at one point, didn’t realize how much a good diet can help. Foods that are rich in antioxidant have a great power of preventing the evil “C” word – Cancer. Eating more dark green vegetables and oranges will help you to lessen the risk. Broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach and collard greens are among some of the vegetables that you can add into your diet. Pomegranates and blue berries are mighty tasty and refreshing too.

According studies fish rich in omega-3s also have strong power of decreasing the risk of cancer. On the beverage front, drinking black and green tea and wines – in moderation – regularly will also help to beat the skin cancer in long term.

Skin care essential, sunscreen

Having a proper summer time skin care routine during the summer is very important for anyone who wants to shine without having any breakouts or wretched sunburns. Since there are lot of summer skin care products available to choose from we must be careful when picking the right one. It is recommended to read reviews and check the ratings before selecting products.

Sunscreens are at the top among the summer skin care essentials. When you selecting the correct sunscreen, you must check the SPF number before anything. It’s key to select one according the level of sun exposure you are going to experience.

While at home

Yes. There are some simple thing you can do at home. Make certain water, and plenty of it makes it in. Your skin will stay hydrated and thank you later. As mentioned above, eating your fruits and vegetables will not only help your body stay healthy, but will also set you up for success for fun in the sun.

If you do happen to get overexposed barley and dreading you take your shirt off, try applying yoghurt – don’t eat it afterwards – or aloe vera.

Have you experienced this before? Have a great tip we can add to the list? Let us know. Otherwise, have fun out there and enjoy your summer with friends and family.